Cheap Auto Insurance In Miami

Cheap Auto Insurance in Miami, Florida

Cheap Auto Insurance In Miami

Cheap Auto Insurance In Miami. Miami is known for its exotic cars, diverse cultures and vast array of entertainment choices. A metropolitan powerhouse, over five million people lives in Miami, enjoying the nearby beaches and numerous restaurants, clubs and shops that cater to every taste and budget. The traffic laws in Florida are strict, but they are designed to keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

Driving Conditions

Most of the daily traffic is centered on I-95, the main road where commuters, tourists and students all merge together to drive up and down the Florida coast. The Florida Turnpike is another area with high traffic. Fortunately, the 95 Express Lane allows the rushed commuter to get to his destination faster.

Odd or Unique Laws

Car insurance in South Florida is generally higher than in other parts of the country. Drivers are often fined for getting pulled over without proof of current car insurance. An added tip: uninsured motorist coverage is important to have in Miami, where many people drive without insurance. The city also makes use of “red light cameras” to catch drivers who go through the lights illegally.

Crime Statistics

According to the FBI, Miami had 4,237 incidents of motor vehicle theft in 2010. Of those thefts, 188 cars were eventually recovered. There were also 8,446 counts of burglary in Miami that same year.

Safety Requirements

Cheap Auto Insurance In Miami

Florida recently passed a texting-while-driving ban in May of 2013. Violating this new ban will cost $30, but drivers are still allowed to text at stop lights and traffic jams. It is currently not illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving around Miami. Miami also upholds the state seat belt law, which requires drivers, minor children and front-seat passengers to wear seat belts. Florida is also strict about leaving children unattended in vehicles. Even if the car is left running, a driver could receive a fine of up to $500 if he or she leaves a young child (under six years old) alone in the car for any length of time.

Impaired Driving Law

Florida has strict DUI laws. For a blood alcohol level of 08 or higher, a driver over 21 could face up to 50 hours of community service, a fine of at least $250 to $500, license suspension, vehicle impoundment and a nine-month probationary period. Drivers under 21 with a blood alcohol level of at least 02 will automatically receive license suspensions for six months. A Miami driver with a suspended license needs to file the SR-22 form with the DMV in order to get his or her license back in good standing. The driver must also purchase car insurance before filing the SR-22 form.

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